Los Angeles artist Haleh Mashian evokes a harmonious narrative. Deeply personal, Haleh’s painterly compositions are personal reflections fashioned over pinnacle times of her life. Haleh Mashian shares, “My work is often a reflection. An intimate journey that walks inside the mirror of my life.”

Haleh Mashian is also a talented composer and is fascinated by the similarities shared between color theory and musical composition. Haleh unites euphony with painterly expression, as she transcends an emboldened symphony of painterly techniques. Haleh’s compositions can be compared to a visual concert featuring: Action Painting, Figurative art, and Abstraction.

Haleh Mashian often entwines three unique painterly themes: Nature, Tears, and the Female Figure. All three motifs represent a twenty-year focus on boldly painting within the moment, working with live models, and incorporating a variety of different mixed media. 


Los Angeles artist Haleh Mashian has expanded her accomplished painting career through a variety of institutions including: UCLA, OTIS and Brentwood Art Center. Haleh Mashian earned her Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, USC. Originally born in Iran, Haleh is a longtime resident of Southern California with an artist studio in Santa Monica. Haleh Mashian is represented by Mash Gallery and Fresh Paint Art Advisors.

Solo Exhibitions

2019, Luster, curated by Peter Frank

2019, Figurine, curated by Helene Brown

2016, Natural Elements, curated by Matt Gleason

2015, Figural Forms, curated by Matt Gleason

2014, Portraits, Worldwide Art, Los Angeles Convention Center

2010, Everyday People, James Gray Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2019, Surface Spectrum, curated by Mark Murphy, Mash Gallery

2018, Couture Mash, curated Lisa Derick, Mash Gallery, 2018

2018, Nature Worship, curated by Andi Campione, Mash Gallery

2018, Incarnadine, curated by Matt Gleason, Mash Gallery

Art Fairs

2015, Studio Selections, Red Dot Fair, Miami

2014, Contemporary Roses, Select Art Fair, Miami

2013, Affair in the Garden, Beverly Hills

2013, Pop Gallery, Santa Monica

2013, Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City

2013, Book Bindery Culver City

2012, Beverly Hills Art Show

2011, Townley Gallery

One of her main art directions is finger-painting on the iPhone and other digital devices.
Why not include daily objects like your iPhone as your art device?
That way it gets possible for us to capture the daily life of the 21st century in a magnified and much more direct way that reflects daily inspiration.

This is also the main motive behind founding Maison H by Haleh Mashian, an artful, fun lifestyle brand that brings the joy of art into your daily life.

All of her art is created by hand on her iPhone.
Her finger is her brush and her iPhone is her canvas.