Haleh Mashian is an accomplished Southern Californian painter whose work is exhibited in galleries, art fairs and installations nationwide.
Translating into visual form her inner expression and intuition using not only color, shapes and layers but also digital media to achieve her unique style and sensibility.

For over 20+ years, the paintings of Haleh Mashian have colorfully illustrated her unique and astute view of the world, both real and imagined. With layer upon layer of thick acrylic paint , and mixed media continually applied, scraped off and re-applied, her paintings reveal richly colored stratum of expressivity.
Fascinated by the similarities between color theory and musical composition (she is also an accomplished composer), Mashian merges theory with instinct, ultimately transcending visual boundaries and bringing all the senses to her work. Key to her creative process is her ability to translate into visual form her inner expression and sense of intuition. With this process in motion, Mashian dances with color and shape.

Haleh studied paintings with many accomplished painters privately and in various institutions such as UCLA, Otis and Brentwood Art Center, as well as earning a Bachelor of Science degree from USC.

She also is the owner of Mash Gallery, a contemporary art gallery located in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

You can find more on Mash Gallery here:

One of her main art directions is finger-painting on the iPhone and other digital devices.
Why not include daily objects like your iPhone as your art device?
That way it gets possible for us to capture the daily life of the 21st century in a magnified and much more direct way that reflects daily inspiration.

This is also the main motive behind founding Maison H by Haleh Mashian, an artful, fun lifestyle brand that brings the joy of art into your daily life.

All of her art is created by hand on her iPhone.
Her finger is her brush and her iPhone is her canvas.