Tree Series

Trees fascinate me with their ability to be solid yet so flowing. The passionate stillness of trees intrigues me as it is a quality I personally aspire to emulate. Trees are rooted deeply in the earth as their branches reach out to the sky. They surrender to all the elements with ease and grace. The arbitrary colors in thee paintings are a reflection of the vibrancy and abundance of colors in nature.

Tear Series

Never be ashamed of your tears.
They are your most precious jewels.
Your tears express the unexpressable.
They release the hidden, intimate parts of who you are.
They reveal your soul.

Abstract Collage Series

I have always been fascinated by the human figure for it is dynamic, mysterious, and at times problematic. To see and render the human figure heightens my awareness of the moment and living in the present. One cannot simultaneously be thinking of something else and paint or draw the human form.

To draw from the live human figure is to be totally in the moment, to get lost in their form, light and texture. This presence eventually evokes a sensuous, imaginative, yet real expression.

Rose Series

Can one explain the beauty in a rose?

A rose is beautiful now and will eventually surrender its beauty to what is. To capture this beauty, to save this precious form from decay, I isolate the subject in a textured filed where it can be a singular expression of form and frozen, eternal beauty.

Figure / Nude Studies

This ongoing, informal series is a primal and quick attempt to depict the human figure beyond thinking about it. The colors, shapes and raw emotions simply take over. They are pure fun to create!

People Series

People are fascinating! We all share common traits! Certain assessments, judgments and stereotyping are inevitable throughout everyday life. So I thought, why not paint it, if I am thinking it?